My poem "Secrets I've Told My Bunny" was in Jokes Review Issue Three. You can read it here

Secrets I've Told My Bunny


With time Farmer McGregor

Will triumph with pitchfork.


Your doc’s got no clue what’s up

Or down, and Thumper’s


Thumps are never enough

To save dear mother deer.


Another word for Easter?

Childhood’s-first- realized-lie


(—the need for Santa-belief

Both stronger and longer).


Pooh and Piglet? Two peas!

Gamblers are all in on the tortoise.


Try navigating the workplace with a name

Like Flopsy. Or Mopsy? Cottontail?


Even velveteen rabbits get trashed.

Tricks are for kids, and frankly, maybe


Jessica—at the very least, a bit of a slut.

Yet Hef? He’s moved on to the next bun.